The Mosquito

Scientists believe that the control of mosquitoes has reverted to the same level it was 80 years ago.

Diseases such as Malaria and Yellow Fever carried by the Mosquito are on the increase. Malaria is transmitted to people by the bite of an infected Anopholene mosquito, the Vector organism. Only the females bite human beings as they need a blood meal before laying their eggs. With some 267 million people infected across 103 countries and deaths of between 1-2 million each year it is not surprising that the best known of tropical diseases is Malaria.
Imagine the effect it would have if many of the population was infected by a parasite that caused a debilitating disease. With the exception of some vector borne diseases, tropical diseases do not cause death on a mammoth scale. Instead, like MALARIA they result in long term illness with far reaching economic consequences in medical costs and lost earnings from commerce and tourism.

Yellow Fever, again transmitted by the Mosquito, is also increasing and the World Health Organisation estimates there are some 200,000 cases with 30,000 deaths annually.

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